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Hi! My name is Frances Miles. I am a homemaker and also own a cleaning business . I also do a lot of volunteer work. I belong to the Juliet Society, the Republican Women, Beta Sigma Phi and the Consumer Advisory Committee. I also do volunteer work for the Odessa Chamber of Commerce. So, as you can see, I stay pretty busy.


I have been married to my husband, Jack, for 42 years. We have four grown children; Charles, Dian, Rodney and Lana. We have nine grandchildren and seven great grandchildren. We are very fortunate in having all of them living here in Odessa. The holidays are always a riot and bring much joy into our lives.

I am the youngest of seven children. I am saddened to say that only two of us are still alive. My three brothers and two of my sisters have all died of cancer, leaving only my sister and I.

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